Menstrual Hygiene is Vital for Women's Health

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  • 23rd November 2021
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  • November 23, 2021

Menstrual Hygiene is Vital for Women's Health

"Education about menstruation changes everything"

We all are aware of menstruation - a biological process of the female reproductive cycle. However, there’re societies that still consider it as a social taboo and a secretive topic that shouldn’t be discussed openly.

Lack of knowledge about menstrual health creates this kind of mindset and risks female hygiene increasing the chances of vaginal infections. Need is to have widespread participation and awareness campaigns all over the globe, promoting the necessity of awareness among women and the society at large on ‘menstruation’, its biological and social significance.

Neotia Academy of Nursing supports the cause of raising awareness among the masses on the importance of menstrual health and hygiene. Below, we have listed a few reasons for depicting the importance of menstrual hygiene.

  • Education on menstruation increases self-esteem raises wages and raises grades.
  • Knowledge about menstruation acts as woman empowerment which helps them to take care of themselves in various ways. A girl who knows that her period is about to come every month gives her a sense of responsibility to take care of her body, unlike a girl who is completely unaware of it.
  • Knowledge of menstruation makes them independent to make decisions on their own. To explain further, understanding the different options for menstrual hygiene gives a girl complete freedom to choose which option is best suited for her.
  • It gives her the confidence required to live her life normally. When she is aware that she already have reliable and safe options to collect and absorb her flow in a hygienic way, using sanitary napkins, she gets the confidence to live her life freely.
  • Prior knowledge on menstruation helps a girl to be mentally prepared on how to handle her first period which might be scary for her. Thus, discussing its hygiene before menarche is very essential.
  • Knowing how sanitary napkins or other inflow-preventive methods work allows her to explore and understand her body in a new and important way.
  • In India, almost one out of five girls miss their school due to the unavailability of menstrual protection during periods. The availability of proper hygiene helps girls to be regular in school which in turn encourages school attendance and encourages female education in society.
  • Girls attending schools regularly not only contribute to the upliftment of the community but also the economic empowerment of the nation.
  • It helps working women to be regular in her work thereby contributing to the economic development of a country.
  • Understanding menstruation properly helps women to guide their daughter during their puberty, thereby grooming the next generation to be more health-conscious.
  • Menstrual education is essential for both the genders so that in the absence of mothers, even fathers can take the responsibility of their daughters with medical check-ups (if required) and look after the hygiene aspects of this cycle.

Done reading the above? We would request you not to shy away from this biological phenomenon and rather contribute in your own way towards spreading the word on menstruation, its importance and significance in our lives.

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